Thursday, August 15, 2013

Author Spotlight: Whitney K-E

From Christina: Today I’m happy to have Whitney K-E as my guest in the Author Spotlight. She’s here to tell us a bit about herself and her travels to give us a little background on her romance novel, “What Happens in Ireland”.

Christina: Welcome, Whitney! To start, will you tell us a little about yourself?

Whitney: Where to begin. I’m Whitney. I live on the east coast of Australia, and for the last four years my greatest passion in life has been to write romance. This year I had my first novel published, and I am the proud owner of a grump thoroughbred and a coffee-addicted mini foxie (not intentional, I swear). I am a twin and just this year, I travelled to Ireland.

Christina: Besides writing, what activities do you enjoy?

Whitney: Coffee drinking is one. I also like to read, ride my horse, although I don't seem to be doing that much of late, and I love to 

Christina: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

Whitney: I’m a twin. Most people who I know through the writerly world won’t know this.

Christina: Since you enjoy writing romance, I’m guessing that you’re a bit of a romantic. I’m going to put you on the spot a bit. What would be your perfect romantic date?

Whitney: The perfect date would involve the perfect guy. And I suppose, it would have to be something I could never fathom.

Christina: Do you have any favorite music?

Whitney:  I’m broad in my tastes. But I love rock, rock alternative and I do love traditional Irish music.

Christina: Yes, Ireland. What was the inspiration behind What Happens in Ireland?

Whitney: I came up with the idea for What Happens in Ireland on a bus. I was planning my trip to Ireland around this time and bus rides cause me to daydream. I started with an ending and the rest of the book pretty much wrote itself. My characters had the wheel with this one.

Christina: Who is your favorite character from the book?

Whitney: Jack O’Reilly. My Irish studmuffin.

Christina: I can probably guess, but why is he your favorite?

Whitney: Let’s just say… I couldn’t resist the Irish charm.

Christina: I’d love to write stories in faraway places, but the research seems daunting. What research was involved for What Happens in Ireland?

Whitney: All my research was done through the planning of my own trip to Ireland. And when I went to Ireland myself, I changed some of the setting to suit my own experiences.

Christina: No doubt the setting plays an important role in the story.

Whitney. Yes. Ireland is a beautiful country. Its charm was equivalent to my hero’s.

Christina: Do you have a sequel planned?

Whitney: There will be two, maybe three.  What Happens in Ireland is the first in my Irish series. I’m currently working on Deceive Me in Ireland. It’s not a continuation of Jack and Kate’s story, but about Kate’s cousin, Cara, and Jack’s equally rakish brother, William.

Christina: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Whitney: It was strange, but I’d been writing since I was in year 9. But at that point, I was writing a story I didn’t end up finishing. I was focused on horses then. I wanted to work with them. But in the years to come I found myself relying on my writing, and my desire to be an author was undeniable. I’m a bit of an escapist.

Christina: What’s been the hardest thing on your journey as a writer?

Whitney: The length of the days and having to deal with real life. Ha ha. My writing depends greatly on my moods. If I’m having a bad week, I tend to lack the motivation to edit. When I’m in the middle of a new novel, however, I tend to ignore the real world, which is always a blessing when it comes to getting those words down.

Christina: What advice would you give to aspiring authors?

Whitney: Work every day towards your goals. Build your name from the beginning. You might not get there right away, but you never will if you give up the first time.

Christina: Excellent advice. Do you receive a lot of support from your family?

Whitney: My family is my biggest fan base. I don’t know a single auntie who hasn’t read my novel.

Christina: So, what does happen in Ireland?

Whitney: Here’s a little about the story.

When Australian, Kate Barrow, meets a handsome Irishman in a Dublin bar, she has no idea that he’s about to turn her world upside-down and inside-out.

In Ireland to take on a position on a thoroughbred stud, Kate is shocked when her manager-in-co reveals himself to be the same man she’d met in Dublin.

Jack is drawn to Kate. The problem is, she won't have him. But Jack has always loved a challenge and the intriguing woman from Oz is one he cannot resist.

Harbouring the sting of another man’s betrayal, Kate is certain she wants nothing to do with love and nothing to do with Jack O’Reilly. But when naked torsos, Mother Nature and dysfunctional umbrellas start plotting against her resolve, she realizes the charms of an Irishman are going to be hard to resist.

Christina: Sounds intriguing...especially that part about dysfunctional umbrellas. Thanks so much, Whitney, for visiting today.   
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