Saturday, January 19, 2013

Very Inspiring Bloggers!

I've just been nominated  by Flossie Benton Rogers for the "Very Inspiring Blogger" award. Flossie is the author of Wytchfae Runes, an exciting paranormal fantasy romance based on a world of intersecting dimensions. You'll definitely want to check it out!

Here's my award!

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  1. I lived with my grandfather as a child. He taught me to read at a very young age by holding me on his lap, reading storybooks to me, and pointing to each word. 
  2. At the age of four, I decided I wanted to learn to play the piano. I walked to a nearby piano teacher's house, knocked on the door and announced "I'm here for piano lessons." 
  3. I wrote my first novel at the age of 7 while I was in the hospital recuperating from an appendectomy. It was about a little girl who wanted a horse more than anything in the world. Write what you know, you know. It was written on the sheets from a tiny notepad. My grandfather patiently sat at my beside reading every scribbled word. 
  4. I'm fascinated by languages. Although I speak only two languages fluently -- English and Spanish -- I have studied many more, including Japanese, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, and Samoan.
  5. I have a passion for Tarot cards. My collection includes over 100 different decks. I've also illustrated my own 22-card "Major Arcana" deck.
  6. I love music. Along with classical, I especially enjoy "space music", specifically "dark ambient isolationist" and "ambient goth". Favorite artists include Steve Roach, Sceptre, and Lustmord. 
  7. I share my life with my wonderful husband, Ken, and a very squawky parrot named Anna, who sings along with opera and loves ginger cookies more than anything in the world

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  1. Christina, I have a few tarot decks but not as many as you. I love them too. Your grandfather was a wonderful person for encouraging reading and writing in you. My first love of fairy tale came from my grandmother reading them to me. I don't know that music, but after your enthusiasm I will check it out. Congratulations on an inspiring ongoing blog and an awesome post today.

  2. It's great music for meditation or for just "drifting off" into imaginary realms. Check out the Hearts of Space website. They broadcast a weekly program of "space music". Most NPR stations carry it, or you can listen free through the website. I think you'll enjoy it.