Saturday, June 30, 2012

From Christina

Today I'd like to welcome Gail Koger to the "Author Spotlight". Gail's latest novel, I Hear Voices, will be released on July 6. Read on to learn more about Gail and her work.

For a "sneak peek" of the book...just click HERE.

From Gail

I was a 9-1-1 dispatcher for the Glendale Police Department and to keep from going totally bonkers – I mean people have no idea of what a real emergency is. Take this for an example: I answered, “9-1-1 emergency, what’s your emergency?” And this hysterical woman yelled, “My bird is in a tree.”

Sometimes I really couldn’t help myself, so I said, “Birds have a tendency to do that, ma’am.” The woman screeched, “No! You don’t understand. My pet parakeet is in the tree. I’ve just got to get him down.” Like I said, not a
clue. “I’m sorry ma’am, but we don’t get birds out of trees.” The woman then cried, “But… What about my husband? He’s up there, too.” See what I had to deal with? To keep from hitting myself repeatedly in the head with my phone, I took up writing.

My new book is called I Hear Voices, a paranormal romance in the vein of
Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Romancing the Stone. Ever wondered what
happened to Montezuma's lost treasure? Zelda Dragos, an out-of-work psychic
knows and she's determined to get the gold. The fly in the ointment is Derek
Sloan, an Indiana Jones type, who wants the treasure for himself. Zelda
uses all of her tricks to discourage Derek's relentless pursuit; a smoke
bomb, mace, a hive of angry bees and getting him arrested. Out of options
Zelda finds herself suck with a partner who thinks she needs a keeper and
he's just the man for the job.

Historians weave tales about the early fifteenth century when Cortez overran
the great Aztec empire. To keep the greedy bastard from taking all his gold,
Montezuma packed up his treasure and with a small army guarding it, sent it
north into what is now Arizona. To this day it remains hidden.

Have I looked for it? I've lived in Arizona all my life but I'm not
suicidal. The Superstition Mountains are a 3,0000 foot high bastion of
ghosts and legends. The tales of lost gold have lured many into the deep
canyons and rocky spires. Those who dare enter the sacred grounds of the
Apache Thunder God to hunt for the legendary treasure usually find death

If you're looking for a fast paced, quirky, entertaining read with a kick
ass heroine I Hear Voices is just what you're looking for. A sequel will be
coming in 2013.

I Hear Voices will be released July 6th at Whispers Publishing.

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