Thursday, June 6, 2013

Author Spotlight: Jeanine McAdam

From Christina: Today I'd like to welcome author Jeanine McAdam. Her latest romance features a sexy cowboy, a bull named Punisher, a Montana ranch, and a dysfunctional family. Throw in an animal rights activist wearing nothing more than a sign, and...well, I'll let Jeanine tell you all about it!  Enjoy.

From Jeanine:

Bull Riding – A Dangerous Sport

Bull Riding has been called “the most dangerous eight seconds in sports.” Logan Cooper, the hero of my latest contemporary romance, THE BULL RIDER AND THE BARE BOYCOTTER, knows that well. He’s handsome, tough, and he gets hurt a lot.

While researching bull riding and working to define Logan’s character, I kept coming across articles with titles like “Is Bull Riding More Dangerous than____?” Fill in the blank. It could be hockey, football or boxing.

Bull riders break bones, suffer concussions and dislocate all sorts of body parts. However, if bull riders don’t ride, they don’t make money. The adage among cowboys is “It’s not if you get hurt but when…” Riders compete with arms in casts, knees dislocated and head injuries.

Fifty percent of all rodeo accidents happen during the bull riding competition. However bull riding generates the most excitement, has the most fans and makes the most money. What keeps the cowboys coming back to bull riding? The adrenaline rush, the lifestyle and obviously the money, plus there are lots of girls.

When my hero Logan meets Rachel Fox, an animal rights protester, he’s nursing a recently dislocated shoulder. He puts that pain aside for eight seconds to ride a bull named Punisher. Then Rachel runs naked into his ring ruining the ride but starting something else between these two strong-willed opposites.

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“Would you please stop gawking at me and give me a blanket to cover myself with?” Rachel Fox demanded, cupping her breasts in both hands and shifting on her heels. With a crossed leg she tried to hide her exposed bottom half and almost fell face first into the sod-covered floor.

Good God, why did she let Erin talk her into this?

Honestly, Rachel was more than willing to do anything to save Punisher and the other bulls from the abuse they suffered at the hands of cowboys like the man standing before her. But God help her, she was still shaking from the reaction of that angry mob. And Logan Cooper had no right spanking her. Now, he was denying her clothes.

Book Description:

Animal rights activist Rachel Fox is a woman with a mission. The plan is to step into bull rider Logan Cooper’s ring wearing nothing but a poster calling the rodeo a ‘blood sport’. While rescuing this passionate protester from a nineteen hundred pound charging bull Logan decides he likes what he sees. Only problem, he’s got to direct Rachel’s love away from the livestock and onto him. With the press hot on their heels, because who isn’t interested in a story about a bull rider and a naked protester, Logan brings the dark haired, curvy figured Brooklynite to his Montana ranch.

Except, now that he’s got Rachel in his bed he’s nervous his annoying, problematic brothers and surly preteen nephew will scare her off. But when Rachel meets Logan’s deeply flawed family she realizes the bulls aren’t the only ones who need saving, the Cooper brothers need her help too. The only problem is Rachel has a secret, after believing she was infertile, it turns out that this sexy bull rider may have changed her childless fate forever.


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Win a FREE copy of THE BULL RIDER AND THE BARE BOYCOTTER. Comment below. Please include your email address.

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