Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday's Sweet Treat

A couple days ago, I shared a "sweet treat" recipe: Snow Ice Cream.  Well, over the last two days, I've had more than enough snow. It's been miserable here in the midwest, and throughout other parts of the country, too, I know.

I may hate snow, but ice cream will always be one of my favorite treats. In "Happily Ever After", it's a nice treat, too, for Rowena Mather on the Fourth of July.

"How come you're home so early, Papa?” Rowena tugged at his sleeve.
George smiled down at his daughter. “Because it's a special day. I sent everyone at the newspaper office home to enjoy the day with their family, and I figured I'd do the same.” He put a finger to the little girl's nose. “I bought some fireworks in town, just for you. I thought after dark we'd have a little celebration. I went to the dairy too. Mr. Johnson made ice cream today.” He turned and glanced at the buggy sitting at the side of the road beneath the hot, July sun. “It's probably melted now.”
“Maybe you should check on the ice cream, sir,” Anne suggested. “I'll take Rowena to the house.” She reached her hand out to the girl.
Suddenly the earth trembled beneath her feet. An explosion shook the grove of trees that stood beyond the gate. Clouds of grayish-white smoke billowed through the air.



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  1. I wonder if this is early fireworks or something more sinister? Nice characterizations in just a short sample.

  2. You painted a pretty word picture so the explosion is a wonderful counterpoint. Thanks for coming to my blog. It's lovely to meet an author who's new to me.

  3. Wow that was an unexpected ending to your snippet. A real cliff-hanger.

  4. Very surprising twist at the end! I love the family scene you created.