Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let's Hump!

Hump Day Hook Day... always so much fun to play. Today, I'm posting a quick snippet from "Irresistible", one of my sweet historicals from Sweet Cravings Publishing.

I will say this... it's not what you're thinking!  Enjoy.

"But-but—," Amelia blubbered. "What am I going to do?" She reached up and snatched the handkerchief Lorraine offered and dabbed it to her eyes. "I don't want to marry him! I don't want a wretched, sick husband!"
"Well, then, don't do it. It's as simple as that." Lorraine pulled up a chair and sat down beside Amelia. "He hasn't actually proposed yet, so I don't see any problem." To her surprise, Amelia wailed anew.
"You don't understand! I have to marry him!"

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  1. Lol! And I thought my heroine I'm writing was drama! Well done!

  2. Actually... Amelia isn't the heroine of the story. She's the trouble-making "drama queen" other woman. She was a fun character to write because she was so exaggerated.

  3. And why is that? Great hook! And I LOVE the waterfall in the cover! :)

    1. Dawne Dominique did the cover art, and she did a fantastic job -- as always. The waterfall plays an important role in the story, so her choice to feature it as part of the cover was perfect.

  4. Great hook...I love the secondary drama queen characters. They're so much fun to write!

  5. I very much enjoyed Irresistible, and this scene reminds me why!

  6. Huh. Wonder why she has to marry him. Good hook!

  7. lol, somebody wants and doesn't want to marry at the same time. A nice hook.

  8. Haha, my characters tend to be the opposite of this, but I have friends like this. So relatable. I really enjoyed it and want to know why she's so against the marriage, yet can't escape.

  9. Drama, drama, lol. But you portrayed her hysterics well. Nice hook. I want to know why.