Saturday, January 12, 2013

Six-Sentence Sunday

Thanks for visiting my blog for Six-Sentence Sunday. 
Today's sentences are from my latest historical romance,
Happily Ever After.

Despite many misgivings, Anne Hopkins accepts a job caring for Rowena Mather, a troubled nine-year-old girl who is grieving over the death of her mother.  In this scene, Rowena awakens from a nap and finds Anne and her grandmother, Henrietta, sorting through her mother's clothing.

~ ~ ~ ~

“Those are Mama's dresses.”
“That's right,” Henrietta said. “Your Mama can't wear them now, so we need to give these—”
“You can't get rid of Mama's dresses!” Rowena whirled through the room like a funnel cloud, snatching up the garments Anne had spent so much time folding. She spun about in a frenzy, tearing through the room, sobbing frantically as she tried to gather everything into her arms.

~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. Poor Rowena! How long has her mother been gone? Couldn't they have waited a while longer?

  2. I know how Rowena feels-- heartbroken at her loss.