Friday, October 26, 2012

Goblins and Goodies

Halloween is upon us already...and I'm chasing around like mad with too many things to do, and far too little time for doing it all.  I was running errands earlier this morning when I suddenly glanced at the calendar and realized today was the start of the blog hop. No, not yet! I'm not ready!

But the world, of course, goes on whether I'm ready or not, and the same is true of blog hops! So, folks, I'm winging it here today...and asking for a bit of understanding. Maybe even a little forgiveness? Nah, that's probably asking too much.

Have you ever found yourself swamped with an overflowing "to-do" list? Ever forgotten an important appointment? Ever stared down a looming deadline with a feeling of impending doom? That's how I feel right now.

Instead of coming up with some great "writerly prose" about the holidays, I'm just going to fill you in on my plans for this weekend. We've got a houseful of family coming tonight, so once I've finished this post, I'll be off to the kitchen to stir up some ground beef, peppers, onions...the whole "Sloppy Joe" works. Pumpkins are decorated, the scarecrow is made, and the kids will be decorating our "Happy Harvest" food box which we'll deliver to one of the local food pantries.

Next comes a "haunted hayride" -- in 20-degree weather! That's Farenheit, by the way. Not Centigrade. Hubby and I are taking along a big, woolen blanket, and we plan to do a bit of snuggling. It will be fun.

It's time for me to head for the kitchen now. I'll be serving up some cole slaw along with the Sloppy Joes, and there's cool, refreshing apple cider. Of course, we'll have the cookies, the popcorn, the apples, and a few more Halloween treats. 

This is truly my favorite time of the year, so maybe that's why I get over-excited. My mind is filled with thoughts of costumes, scary decorations, trick-or-treat bags, and spooky music. 

How about you? Leave a comment, tell me your plans for this SPOOK-tacular holiday, and you'll be entered to win a free e-book copy of "Irresistible", my sweet historical romance from Secret Cravings.

Happy Hauntings!

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  1. I tried to leave a comment earlier but it didnt work. Hope it works ok now. Happy halloween.

  2. I'll probably be giving out candy :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  3. Probably just watch scary movies all night long.


  4. Scary movies, popping corn, having fun scaring the kiddies..mwahahaha.

  5. Happy Halloween!! Thank you so much for the awesome hop and giveaway! :) I love Halloween. Its my favorite holiday. I love the creepiness, the costumes, the candy, watching scary movies, etc. And the haunted houses are awesome! :D