Sunday, April 1, 2012

Author Spotlight: Kathleen Tighe Ball

From Christina

Today I'm pleased to welcome author Kathleen Tighe Ball to the blog. Her first published novel is now available, and she has several more books coming out in the near future. Now living in Texas, Kathleen is embracing the "cowgirl" lifestyle...well, if not in real life, at least in her romance novels.

Kathleen is married to her wonderful husband, Bruce. They have one son, Steven, and have just welcomed new additions to their family: a new daughter-in-law, Brittany, and her cute-as-a-button son, Colt.

She feels blessed to be supported in her writing by her family and friends.

Ride on, Kathleen!

From Kathleen

Callie's Heart is my first published novel. It is the first of three in The Lasso Springs series, all published by Desert Breeze Publishing.

I've always been an avid reader. I now live in Texas but for most of my life I lived in Rochester, New York. The winters are cold and long. The local library always had a sale every fall and they had a three dollar a bag special on the last day. I'd enlist the help of my husband, Bruce, and my son, Steven, and I'd fill at least six paper bags.

I fell in love with romance novels, particularly anything western. We moved down to Fort Worth, Texas, six years ago. It still thrills me to drive out of my subdivision and see cattle grazing.

About three years ago I was facing the empty nest. Steven was getting ready to graduate high school and then go to on to college. My sister suggested that I try writing. She bought me a how-to book. I wrote my first novel, Texas Haven, which will be available in June from Secret Cravings Publishing. My second novel, Ryelee's Cowboy, -- a readers choice award winner -- will be available in August.

I was both thrilled and surprised that people liked my writing. All five of my novels are award winners.

Callie's Heart is a Contemporary Western Romance set in the fictitious town of Lasso Springs, Texas.

Callie Daniels' mother has one dying wish. She wants neighboring rancher, Garrett O'Neill, to marry her seventeen-year-old daughter. It's not supposed to be a conventional marriage. Garrett O'Neill would keep Callie's ranch safe and Callie would go away to college.

Four years later, Callie comes home with stars in her eyes and happily ever after in her heart. She plans to make their marriage real until she finds the new housekeeper, Sylvie, in Garrett's arms.

Heartbroken, Callie takes off to her own house, which they closed up four years ago. She stays there with Old Henry, a longtime friend and ranch hand, until her new horse injures her. Garrett forces Callie to move back in to his house.

Callie finally gets her heart's desire. Alone in a line shack, they make sweet love for the first time. Unfortunately, the love light is gone from Garret's eyes the next morning.

Callie's Heart is available now from Desert Breeze Publishing.

More from Kathleen

I have spent time in a barn with my new daughter-in-law, Brittany. She bought a rescue horse named Dash. I'd never been around horses before, and it's great to have them wander over, nudging me with their noses, wanting attention.

Brittany took me horseback riding for my first time with Agave Hurricane Trail Company. The owner, Cristina Brodgon, is wonderful and makes it all so easy.

It was thrilling and a bit scary. They have wooden steps to get on the horse, but getting off -- well my romantic mind thought that perhaps a hunky cowboy would be there to help me down. No, but my daughter-in-law caught me. When they tell you to take your feet out of the stirrups -- they mean it. I'm going again soon. I'm thinking about taking the trail ride camping excursion.

I hope you enjoy Callie's Heart. It is filled with love, heartbreak, misunderstandings, romantic tension and, of course, an amazing happily ever after.

Look for Kathleen on the Web:

Kathleen Ball's Website



  1. Delightful story! Hope it's on Kindle, cause that's my next stop.

  2. Thank you Christina!! not on amazon yet- will be in a few hours

  3. Love your cover, Kathleen. Your story sounds touching. I wish you lots of luck with many sales. Good for you for getting on that horse. I used to ride in my teens, but don't think I'd risk broken bones by getting on a horse now. Enjoy your next ride. :)

  4. Kathleen, enjoyed this post and am just about as excited as you with all this wonderful stuff going on! Nothing like that first novel. Go, girl!

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  7. Looks like a great story! Glad your on the the Blog Hop Contest trail. This way I get to find lots of new authors and books to read.


  8. Hello seems like a lot of authors are in Texas, I have several friends and my #3 gel that live there. Congrats on the additions to your family and your new writing career. I love westerns. Happy Easter.
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  9. Sounds great! Happy Easter! Have a wonderful day!